Burst Training vs. Cardio

Burst Training vs Cardio

Would you rather store fat or burn fat? I think I know what the answer is for most people.

So, what exactly is the most efficient way of burning fat? There is a tremendous amount of research on which types of workouts produce the strongest results. However for now, let’s explore and compare the mechanisms behind two of the more common workouts: Cardiovascular Workouts and Burst Training. 

Cardio workouts entail low intensity exercise performed for over long duration. Some examples of cardio workouts would be running, bicycling, treadmill, elliptical, etc. for period lasting at least 20-30 minutes. 

Burst Training on the other hand entails high intensity exercises which are performed for short durations of 30-60 seconds each, followed by a brief rest period, then repeated several more times.

The difference between burst training vs cardio workouts are simple enough. But burning fat goes beyond the type of exercise that you are doing.

Let’s examine the two primary types of fuel effected when exercising: fat and sugar. 

Remember this simple concept; the body burns the opposite type of fuel during workouts, in comparison to the type of fuel it burns after workouts.

This is how it works when comparing burst training vs cardio. Cardio workouts burn fat during workouts, while they burn sugar (i.e. glycogen) after workouts for the next 24 hours or so. On the other hand, Burst Training burns sugar during workouts, and burns fat after workouts for up to 36 hours. Because of this, burst training has grown tremendously in popularity because of the fat burning benefits that it provides.

Another benefit that I enjoy about Burst Training is the simple fact that it saves time. You can be done with a complete burst training workout in about 10 minutes, including rest periods. Many people, including myself, have found this to be a great convenience compared to the long cardio workouts that I used to do on the elliptical and bicycle.  I found myself getting bored during a 30 minute cardio workout, while the quick pace of Burst Training is much more accommodating to my busy lifestyle, less monotonous and simply more fun.

So if you haven’t done it yet… you might want give Burst Training a try, and please feel free to share your experience with us. 


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