Motivation & Success

Home Gym Success: Create Your Vision

“As you think, so shall you become.”

Earl Nightingale


Motivation & Success

In addition to the physical challenges that exercise poses to our muscles, the greater challenge for many is to align our thoughts and attitudes toward a path that will ensure long lasting success, thus effecting positive change in our lives. It is essential that we enjoy what we are doing. Otherwise, we probably will not do it for very long.

This critically important point is emphasized throughout the eBook,

First of all, figure out why you want to exercise. I know that there are many obvious reasons that people workout, but you have to personalize it for yourself. What do you hope to achieve? How will it improve your life? What is your goal or

Next step, make this into an extremely pleasant experience in every way. This i

s what is great about a home gym. You can create it into your own vision. Make it into a fun, interesting place. This will increase your motivation and you will look forward to spending productive time there, thus increasing the likelihood of ensuring your success.

Make your home gym look good. Pick good colors to decorate. Hang some inspiring pictures. Listen to your favorite tunes or personal development programs. Remember, it’s your home gym vision, and you call all of the shots. Your rules.

Choose exercises that you like. Some exercises may not be to your liking. You can substitute other ones that you like better for the same muscle group. I can tell you from experience that there are always alternate exercises from which to choose for each body part. Pick the one(s) that work best for you. How easy is that?

The take-home message: If you like it …you will do it. If you do it consistently…you will reap the benefits and achieve your payoff. Good Luck!

Sweet Home Gym Success. We become what we think about, so it is in our best interest to think positively. We must take full advantage of every element as a part of the formula for success. payoff? Perhaps you have more than one. Take the time to identify this clearly for yourself. Otherwise you may be wasting your time. Make it a meaningful experience that makes sense to you.





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