Winning Attitude

Home Gym Success: Create Your Vision

“Success is the progressive relization of a worthy goal.”

Earl Nightingale


A Winning Attitude

Before you can do something successfully, you must have the right attitude toward your endeavor. It requires a payoff that is important and meaningful to you. Something that you feel is destined to bring value to your life and to the lives of others. If you hope to enjoy success in any field, it is essential that you have passion for what you are doing. To paraphrase the wisdom of Earl Nightingale, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.”

Relating this specifically to exercise, there must be a clear payoff. You must believe that you will effect positive change in your life. Otherwise, your efforts may be misdirected acts of futility which do not last very long.

Self awareness is a key element. It helps to identify your likes and dislikes. Pick something that you like. If you do not like exercise, it is doubtful that you will stick with a long-term exercise program, and it is even less likely that you will want to own a home gym. On the other hand, if you like to exercise and you see value in it, then you are likely to find success in reaching your exercise goals.

Assuming that you do like exercise, or at least find it to be tolerable on some level….. We now have a starting point upon which to cultivate an attitude that is propitious to success. I have found through many years of continuous exercise experience, that the vast majority of the challenge is mental. Although the physical mechanics are strenuous on the muscles, the movements themselves are not difficult to master. The greater challenge is to maintain the right attitude throughout the process. Facilitate the process by making your workouts as enjoyable as you can. Make your home gym into a pleasant place to be. This is discussed in further detail in

Sweet Home Gym Success. Perception is everything.





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